Mica Carpenter, C.J.E. of  Jostens Yearbooks

2935 Thousand Oaks #6 PMB 227

San Antonio, TX 78247

Phone: 210-602-8814

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Three little letters and what they mean

You may have noticed that I now have three additional letters (CJE) after my name on this newsletter. I thought this might be a good place to tell everyone about those three little letters—how I earned them and why I am proud they follow my name.

CJE stands for Certified Journalism Educator. That means that I, as well as other Jostens reps from around the country, have taken part in the Journalism Education Association’s (JEA) rigorous accreditation process as part of Jostens formal sales representative training program. Earning the certification requires weeks of preparation and passing a three-hour exam focusing on journalistic writing and editing, graphics and design, legal and ethical considerations, fiscal management, leadership training, conflict resolution and more.

Here’s what it means to the JEA from its executive director, Kelly Furnas: “Certification from the Journalism Education Association helps signify the top performers in our profession—those individuals who are not only great educators but great journalists, too. I think it speaks volumes about a yearbook company that would make this level of excellence a standard for its representatives who interact with classrooms.”

If you are not familiar with the JEA, they are the largest scholastic journalism organization, with 2,500 members consisting of journalism teachers and publication advisers, media professionals, press associations, adviser organizations, libraries, publishing companies, newspapers, radio stations and departments of journalism. I am proud to be a part of this organization and to have been one of the first yearbook reps certified by them as a Journalism Educator.



A little bit about Mica and her team.

Mica has been serving the San Antonio area schools since 1998 after graduating from the University of Texas, with a degree in Photojournalism. Mica's love for publications began when she worked on the yearbook in middle school and as Editor of the James Madison High School, Montpelier Yearbook in the early 1990’s. She now teaches specialized workshops and loves to spend her time in the classroom helping students reach their yearbook goals.

Mica has two boys, Riley, an 8th grader, and 8-month-old, Maverick. Mica loves to spend time with her boys at the beach and the pool, with family and friends, taking photos of her boys and nephews, experimenting in the kitchen and planning adventurous weekend trips.

Ginny Houston is the newest member of the team. Ginny is a student at San Antonio College and recent graduate of MacArthur High School, where she was the yearbook editor for the past two years. Ginny is the expert in InDesign & Jostens Monarch and is involved with workshop trainings as well as office management.

Mica's San Antonio office manager is Ginny Houston

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Mica's plant consultant in Topeka is Laura North.

You can reach Laura by phone at 800-262-9725, extension 65248

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Mica's plant consultant in Visalia is Flo Palmer.

You can reach Flo by phone at 800-332-9725 ext. 75355

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